Public Art

Projects that highlight and enrich our region’s sense of place and the cultures that inform it.

Percent for Art (Public)

We coordinate project teams that oversee the production and installation of artwork in public facilities, transportation projects, neighborhood centers, and parks.

Percent for Art currently assigns one percent of capital improvement project budgets towards public art.

Since 1986, more than 300 public art projects have been completed in metropolitan Tucson and Pima County. Explore our public art map to find art in your neighborhood and visit these works in person!

Percent for Art (Private)

In Tucson, The Arts Foundation is working with private developers to establish a percent for art program that sets aside one percent of privately funded budgets for public art.

Stay tuned for more news, initiatives, and actions items.


A selection of works in progress:

  • "Wet Wheel"

    Artist: Joe O’Connell (Creative Machines)
    Project: "Wet Wheel"
    Location: Downtown Links

    Wet Wheel is a 16-foot diameter sculpture that resembles a bike wheel straddling the mixed-use path alongside Downtown Links. The absent spokes are simulated by a spritz of water triggered by an approaching cyclist. Users of the path can choose to go through Wet Wheel or take an alternate path.

  • "Grand Pianophone" & "Chime Harp"

    Artist: Gregg Payne
    Project: "Grand Pianophone" & "Chime Harp"
    Location: Downtown Links

    Payne’s interactive musical sculptures are intended to be user-friendly for all ages. The two sculptures, to be located in the Deck Plaza alongside Downtown Links at 9th Avenue, add to the community life of Tucson’s near downtown neighborhoods.

  • Pima County Animal Care

    Artist: Roger White Stoller (Recommended Artist)
    Project: Pima County Animal Care
    Location: 4000 North Silverbell Road

    Stoller will create artwork for a newly constructed, state-of-the-art Animal Care Facility on Silverbell Road. His design process is just beginning. Stoller works in metal to create flowing, graceful forms that may include details for site specificity and reference.

  • Los Reales Landfill

    Artist: Troy Neiman
    Project: Los Reales Landfill
    Location: Along the main entrance road of the Los Reales Landfill

    Neiman is an artist working in ceramics and steel; he has always been interested in exploring ways for upcycled materials to fit together in order to expand the possibilities of how something is used, while also generating ideas of creative re-use of refuse. This new work will include recycled materials and reflect the new mission of the landfill as being a state-of-the-art environmental service center.


Public art panels and committees

The Public Art and Design Committee oversees the process for the installation of all public artworks, beginning with a call to artists and culminating with the completion of the project.
The committee is comprised of seven members appointed by the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona, five appointed by the Pima County Board of Supervisors, seven appointed by the Mayor and Council, and one each by the City Manager and County Manager Supervisor. The Chair is appointed by the Arts Foundation Board Chair.

The committee meets every second Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m., at:

The Pima County Housing Center, 801 W. Congress Street, Tucson AZ 85745.


Click here to view the calendar listings.

Public Art Committee

  • Barbara Burstein, Chair
  • Dick Eggerding
  • Lee Malaby
  • Kenna Smith
  • Chris Tanz
  • Amy Wacker
  • Kelly Huber
  • Roberta Zelikow
  • Terry Chandler
  • Michelle Rouch
  • Alex Jimenez
  • Darlene Showalter
  • Betty Villegas
  • Leanne Miller
  • Maureen Lueck
  • Mathew Moutafis
  • Mel Dominguez
  • Luke Knipe
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