Artists Reunite after 20 years to restore Stone Avenue Mural

Dec 16, 2021 | Arts News, News, Public Art

Artists Reunite after 20 years to restore Stone Avenue Mural

Have you driven past the Stones Avenue Mural over the past few weeks? If you have, you may have witnessed a historical reunion of the mural collaborators and the coming together with new collaborators for the Stone Avenue Mural restoration project.

Twenty years ago, a trio of artists, Pasqualina Azzarello, Kim Young, and Christine Devine, joined forces to lead a community mural that integrated paint, ceramics, and metal sculpture on a 6′ x 630′ sound barrier wall. In 2002, the Tucson Weekly honored the mural with the “Best Mural” distinction.

Public muralist Pasqualina Azzarello oversaw both the painting and youth leadership for the original mural is leading the restoration efforts. Pasqualina reflects, “The original North Stone Avenue Mural Project of 1999-2001 was a remarkable, intergenerational demonstration of empathetic community engagement and of what it means to lead with care––on the part of everyone involved, including the local residents, commissioned artists, youth participants, and the City of Tucson itself. By investing the time, space, energy, and resources to create a safe and supportive space for community members to share their authentic stories, and by honoring these stories within the mural itself, a profound experience of trust and belonging was generated through our process. And, these phenomenal revitalization efforts––spearheaded and fully-fundraised by three of the original founding members of the Limberlost Neighborhood Association––are a testament to the very strength and unity that were inspired by the mural itself.”

Former Youth Participant Adam Cooper-Teran also joined the restoration team. “At just 14 years old, the original North Stone Avenue Mural project was my first job ever––and it completely changed the course of my life, giving me the confidence and self-assurance to pursue a career in the arts. I was introduced to the artists of the Warehouse Arts District and the local long-standing residents of the Limberlost Neighborhood, which led to establishing a community of mentors who fostered my creativity as I grew up, giving me opportunities time and again. At the time, I assumed that my age and relative lack of experience were hindrances, though in the context of this community mural project, I came to understand the valued perspective that I brought and inspired in others. Twenty years later, I am living my life as a self-employed media designer and technical director of various theater companies, bands, and arts organizations across the country. I am still grateful for this project for sparking the initial opportunity.”

If you would like to provide direct support this project, you may do so by clicking here.


Join the community in celebrating the Stone Avenue Mural!

Date: Saturday, December 18, 2021

Time: 2 PM – 4 PM

N Stone Avenue and Limberlost Avenue



The Stone Avenue Mural restoration was funded by the City of Tucson and the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona.

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