Public Art Call to Artists S. Houghton Road

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Public Art Opportunity: South Houghton Road (3 Miles)

Featuring Andrada Polytechnic & Pantano High Schools and Pima County Fairgrounds Locations
Pima County and Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona 



  1. Read the Guidelines: Download the Call to Artist Guidelines on the right-hand side of this page.
  2. Online Application: Click on the Apply Now link on the right-hand side of this page.
  3. Deadline to Apply: Thursday, April 8, 2021 by 11:59pm Arizona Time



Opportunity: Public Artist

Funding Department: Pima County

Supervisoral District: District 4

Artwork Budget: $216,000 (Artist Fee and Materials)

Artist Timeline: Begins May 2021

Construction: An expansive 3 mile stretch along South Houghton Road starting at the I-10 intersection, continuing south, and ending at Andrada Polytechnic and Pantano High Schools. This span of the road also features the landmark location, Pima County Fairgrounds.

Artwork Location Opportunities: Multi-use path and land areas adjacent to the path and roadway, as well as entrances to the Pima County Fairgrounds and the two High Schools

Supplementary Resources Link

Pima County Percent for Art Policy Link

Pima County Administrative Procedures Link

For questions, contact Woods Fairchild at or by phone at (520) 624-0595.



The mission of the Arts Foundation is to advance artistic expression, civic participation, and equitable economic growth of our diverse community by supporting, promoting, and advocating for arts and culture in our region. Through forward-thinking accountable leadership, the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona works to affect systemic change that fosters an accessible, diverse, inclusive, and equitable arts community.



The Pima County Public Art Program will emphasize the community’s cultural heritage and diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender in the selection of Artists, artworks, artistic content, and theme, as well as design and materials.

The Pima County Public Art Program will achieve multiple community benefits, including but not limited to the Following goals: enrich our environment and our lives, engage our eyes, our minds, and our spirit; affirm our uniqueness as a community, celebrate our cultural heritage and diversity, and express the hopes and dreams of people living in vibrant neighborhoods; help to develop public awareness of and interest in the visual arts; increase employment opportunities in the arts, actively encourage emerging artists of culturally diverse backgrounds, and use the arts to advance other community goals, such as youth development and delinquency prevention; increase the likelihood that public art will be an integral part of Pima County capital improvement projects. (As stated in the Board of Supervisors Pima County Percent for Art Policy)



Pima County is currently in the design phase of the reconstruction and widening of South Houghton Road. The reconstruction site begins at the intersection of Interstate 10 and continues for 3 miles south passed the Pima County Fairgrounds, ending at the Andrada Polytechnic and Pantano High Schools. The project will reconstruct the current 2-lane roadway into a divided 4-lane roadway with two travel lanes in each direction; a separated multi-use path that will connect to the Chuck Huckelberry Loop; as well as drainage improvements. Construction is scheduled to begin approximately Summer / Fall 2021.



The project lends itself to a variety of artforms, including but not limited to, singular or repeating elements, sculptural and 2-dimensional works, as well as kinetic artworks (optical or sound-creating artforms that depend on movement for its effect). All work must be extremely safe and durable. Special consideration must be given to the sustainability and maintenance of the artwork. All work of a structural nature will go through an approval process by the services of a structural engineer, with the assistance of the Arts Foundation Public Art team to assist in these processes.

There are many location opportunities for artwork placement, including the multi-use path; the land areas adjacent to the path and roadway; the entrances to the Pima County Fairgrounds, as well as the entrances to Andrada Polytechnic and Pantano High Schools.



DueApril 8, 2021
Issued DueMarch 9, 2021
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