Opportunity Details

Status: Closed
Due date: May 31, 2023 11:59 pm
Award: Project Budgets up to $50,000
Managed by: Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona
Submission link:
Eligibility: Professional Artists and Artist teams from Southern Arizona.
  • Guidelines: 2023-CTA Artist Roster ENGDownload Guidelines (pdf) | English
  • Guidelines: 2023-CTA Artist Roster SPADownload Guidelines (pdf) | Español

    Artist Roster Overview

    The Artist Roster is a standing list of pre-qualified Artists or Artist teams (emerging or established) that work in public art. It is used as an optional artist selection process used to expedite Public Art projects with budgets of $50,000 or below.
    The roster is open on a biennial basis, with selected Artists included for a two-year term.

    Who is Eligible to Apply

    Open to all professional Artists that meet the following criteria at the time of application:
    The Public Art Roster is open to professional Artists and Artist teams from Southern Arizona. Applicants in all stages of their careers (emerging to established) are encouraged to apply.

    Note: Artist teams are required to select a Primary Contact that will contract directly with the City of Tucson to become a vendor. The City will disburse funds only to this individual. The Primary Contact will also be the point of contact for all Roster-related communications.

    How are Artists Selected for Roster?

    Artists are reviewed and selected through a fair and equitable selection process by the Public Art and Community Design Committee (PACD). PACD consists of community representatives appointed from each supervisory district in Pima County, each ward in the City of Tucson, from the County Supervisor, the City Manager and the City Mayor, as well as the Arts Foundation. Arts Foundation staff do not directly participate in the Artist selection process. The role of the Arts Foundation staff member is to facilitate the process in accordance with the City of Tucson Public Art Program. (AD 7.01-1)

    Being selected to participate in the Artist Roster does not guarantee selection for a Public Art project.

    What Criteria is used to select Artists for the Artist Roster?

    The Public Art and Community Design committee, will review all applications looking for evidence that:
    -The artist shows skill in their technique and strong understanding of their materials
    -The artist communicates a unique vision or perspective through examples of their work.
    -The artist demonstrates the ability to engage with a site or community.

    How is the Artist Roster used to contract Artists for Public Art Projects?

    The Artist Roster is utilized as an alternative selection process by the City of Tucson and may be used to expedite projects with budgets of $50,000 or below. When such projects are initiated, a Public Art Project Panel consisting of local Artists, local art professionals, project stakeholders and members of the community is convened to select an Artist from the Roster. The Public Art Project Panel has the option to directly select an Artist from the Artist Roster, or choose to interview Artists from the Roster for consideration.

    Note: If selected for an interview, each Artist Roster finalist will present on their scope of work before the Panel, describe their interest in the project and answer any follow up questions.

    Once the Panel votes on the selected Artist, their recommendation is forwarded to the Public Art and Community Design for ratification.

    What happens after the Artist is selected for a Public Art Project?

    The Design Phase begins once the Artist is selected and under contract with the City of Tucson. During the Design Phase, the Artist and the Selection Panel will convene as many times as necessary to:
    1) review all design concepts;
    2) recommend any changes to designs based on their expertise and the response to community input; and,
    3) recommend that the Artist proceed to Risk Management Review and production when satisfied that all design issues have been resolved, consensus on the final design achieved, and that the Public Involvement Plan has been implemented in accordance with the Public Art Program Selection Policy. (AD 7.01-4)

    Public Interface and Expectations

    Community feedback and participation is essential to creating artwork that represents neighborhood identities and cultures in the design of the artwork. The selected Artists will be required to attend one of more public meetings for the project. The Artist must attend a public meeting to present a drawing and/or maquette of the proposed artwork. (AD 7.01-3)

    What is the typical budget size for Artist Roster Public Art Projects?

    The eligible budget size for Artist Roster Public Art projects range from $50,000 and below. The budget is all-inclusive, and not limited to: Artist fees, insurance, tax requirements, research, community engagement, engineering plans, labor, fabrication, and installation of artwork.

    Note: Building material shortages and rising costs may affect your project budget.

    How to Apply

    1. Carefully review the eligibility, expectation, and scope of this opportunity prior to submitting your application.
    2. Prepare your Artist statement that includes your interest in being included on the Artist Roster.
    3. Prepare your resume. Resumes must be two (2) pages maximum. Acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf
    4. Reflect on your connections to community, and how community engagement may have a part in Public Art and in your own art practice.
    5. Prepare six (6) images of recent artwork. Images must represent completed work; proposals or renderings will not be accepted. Acceptable file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
    6. Prepare your artwork image list. A Document with information about each artwork image sample. For each image submitted please list the title, date, dimensions, your role in the project, and provide a thumbnail of the image. Acceptable file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf
    Submit application
    7. Go to the online application form on Submittable: artsfoundtucson.submittable.com/submit

    8. Select the “2023 Artist Roster” application
    9. If you already have a submittable account, Sign In. If you don’t have an account, select Sign Up to create one.

    10. Complete Applicant information. If you are applying as an Artist team, designate one member as Team Lead. Name, email, and role are required for each team member.

    11. Submit your Artist statement (300word maximum).
    12. Upload your artwork images samples.
    13. Upload your image list.
    14. Upload your resume.
    15. (Optional) Complete your Demographic Data
    16. Review your application and submit form.
    A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you used to create your submittable account.

    You may be contacted regarding your application via Submittable, email or phone.


    A virtual pre-submittal meeting will be held before the application closes. Applicants are encouraged to attend to ask questions about the Artist Roster Program, as well as the application process.

    Bilingual Consultations– The Arts Foundation Team will provide technical assistance sessions in English and Spanish on zoom, over the phone, or via email.

    Other Questions? – If you have questions about the application process or content of your application, please contact Abby Christensen, Public Art Collections Associate, at abby@artsfoundtucson.org or (520) 460-4505.

    Submittable Technical Questions– If you encounter any technical issues with the online application platform, please reach out to the Submittable team at support@submittable.com or (855) 467-8264.

    To request this agency publication in an alternative format, contact Abby Christensen at abby@artsfoundtucson.org or (520) 460-4505.

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