Color palette of the month: Geo Maybe

Sep 8, 2023 | Artist Spotlight, Color Palette of the Month, Color Palette of the Month, Featured, News

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🎨Introducing our Color Palette of the Month artist, Geo Maybe!

Artwork Title: “Flora y Fauna”

Year: 2021

Geo Maybe was born and raised between the border towns of Agua Prieta, Sonora, and Douglas, Arizona. In 2009, he started his studies in art and fashion design at the Art Institute of Tucson. In 2014, Geo moved to Los Angeles to continue working in the fashion industry, where he had the opportunity to work with Hollywood stars. Amid the pandemic, Geo decided to return to his hometown, where he works as an artist and teacher at Douglas High School. 

I am proud my color palette was selected for this month; September is an important month for Mexican communities all over the world, being that Mexican Independence and heritage is celebrated all month long. My culture inspires me when selecting the colors for my designs; I am inspired by the range of colors you see in Mexican traditional and contemporary art and design, the beautiful and colorful landscapes, and the Mexican spirits filled with songs and magic.

Geo Maybe on how he chooses his color palettes

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