Color palette of the month: Salvador Salhuaqui

Nov 22, 2023 | Artist Spotlight, Color Palette of the Month, Color Palette of the Month, Featured, News

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Introducing our Color Palette of the Month artist, Salvador Salhuaqui!

Artwork Title: “Untitled”

Medium: Spray Paint.

Year: 2023

Untitled, 2023, Spray Paint.

Salvador is a self-taught artist from the San Bernardino ghetto in CA, with a lineage tracing back to the Yaqui descent. Salhuaqui utilizes his artistic endeavors not only as a means of survival but also as a form of therapeutic expression. Through the sale of hand-drawn postcards and envelopes, Salvador generates income while finding comfort in the calming effect that art has on his breathing. 

Over the years, Salvador has delved into various art genres, creating pieces inspired by these studies and often developing collections or series. His passion lies in the fusion of different mediums like airbrush, acrylics, markers, and spray paint, which allows him to swiftly achieve texture and cover extensive surfaces.

Untitled, 2021, Spray Paint

 Sal’s creative process is heavily influenced by personal experiences and observations, with culture always being at the forefront as a way to make a statement.  Through vibrant colors and a continuous journey to find a distinctive voice, his art serves as a platform to express himself.

I’m deeply influenced by what I internalize-my experiences, what I’ve seen, and the culture that consistently takes the lead in making statements. It serves as a platform for expressing myself through color, guiding me on a journey to discover my voice through my work.

Salvador Salhuaqui on how he chooses his color palettes
KRS One Portrait, 2023, Spray Paint

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