Connecting with Public Art in Tucson
By: Lauren Bays
Public Art / October 16, 2018

Connecting with Public Art in Tucson

A few weeks ago, the City of Tucson’s NewsNet did a highlight about the artwork at the Sun Link streetcar stops. We love the beautiful variety of artwork, along with the stories each work of art tells. Check out the highlight here:
Learn about the ideas behind the artwork at Sun Link streetcar stops before you take your next ride. The streetcar encourages downtown redevelopment and provides residents with an easy, fun, and sustainable transportation alternative to street-congesting personal vehicles. The streetcar further infuses the downtown corridor with creative and cerebral experiences through the art and poetry pieces that adorn each stop. The prompt given to each artist was “flow,” to be interpreted however the artist chose. In a new, interactive story map (link below), learn about how each artist translated flow into their art.
Sun Link story map on art:
You can find more information about the artwork at the Sun Link streetcar stops, along with public art across the city, on our Public Art Map. Explore the map, then go out and explore the public art in your neighborhood!
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