Alejandra Trujillo

Hola, my name is Alejandra Trujillo, proud latina artist and muralist. I live in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona and juggle my time between homeschooling my 3 children and art.
About Alejandra Trujillo

From early childhood, my artistic inclination was my driving force. Anything that had to do with color, paint, sculpting, I wanted to be involved. My maternal grandparents had an art gift shop in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, right on the border of Sonora and Arizona. My grandfather would create most of the art and plaster sculptures, which were all vibrantly colored and represented perfectly our Mexican culture.
Growing up, I spent countless hours at the gift shop and their art studio, absorbing every crumb of skill and information, getting my hands on every medium I could. Eventually, my interest became my passion,and I wanted to learn everything I could about art. Supported by my parents, we sought out every class we could find. After graduating high school, I received my degree from Pima Community College for Fine Arts and photography. Art now has become not only my business that I love, but also my way of doing life, always artsy. Art is in my blood, and spans generations of my family, I believe it to be one of the proudest traits to have inherited. I now continue this tradition in a new place and with my own family and have passed on the passion to my children.

Alejandra Trujillo
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
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Shipping container mural for Tucson Roadrunners Hokey team.
Roadrunners Hokey Mural

This mural was part of a contest I won. Roadrunners Hokey and SAACA partnered to provide a mural for the community. The shipping container is located at a Boys and Girls club by a DNK hokey rink , it is used as a storage and wasn’t very attractive. My goal was to provide something beautiful for the community to enjoy as much as the children that will be around it most of the time.

Series of murals created on the outside wall of La Chaiteria.
La Chaiteria Murals

I created this series of murals for chef Wendy Garcia from Tumerico and La Chaiteria. We wanted some Loteria style designs but with a Tucson twist. Black and white bats on cactus are not by me.

Mural created for the town of san manuel.
San Manuel Community Mural
For this mural, I partnered with the Town of San Manuel and their community center to create something uplifting for this small community on their newly renovated center. I included all the attractions of the area, including bird watching, hunting, offroad fun, and the beautiful lanscapes that surround the town.
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