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About Andrea Pro

Life in the desert feels like a daydream. It feels warm, inviting, and nostalgic. This energy is what I aim to capture in my work. My driving force as an artist is the need to document daily life and redefine the world around me. I have developed a strong connection with my environment, growing up surrounded by the diverse and natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Using my surroundings as inspiration, I create bold images of different moments and places in time. Whether real or imagined, what I create always comes from a place of love and authenticity. I often use myself as the subject of my paintings, helping me to confront past traumas and begin a healing process.
Themes of cultural identity, self-exploration, and femininity are found throughout my work. Taking inspiration from my lived experiences, childhood, and dreams, I use the most simple images to breathe new life and meaning into them. Through my paintings and illustrations, I seek not only to show beauty, but to inspire imagination and bring comfort to all those who connect with my work. I paint with intention in every brushstroke, trying to capture the fleeting moments of my everyday life.

Preferred Pronouns: She/her
Bacerac, Sonora
Portrait of the Artist in Quarantine
Corazon de Nopal II

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About the Process

My artistic process is very straightforward and consists of putting my ideas onto paper so that I can bring them to life. I often use my phone to take reference pictures of objects, patterns, and natural elements that I come across everyday. Anything that sparks an idea has the potential to grow into something bigger. I try to repeat this process on my artist sketchbook, where I also experiment with color, texture, composition, etc. A good starting point for me is thinking about what feeling I want to convey in a painting and that sets the stage for what colors and shapes I want to include and I am able to build from there. It also helps me to research other artists' work for inspiration, especially when I'm feeling stuck. In moments of self-doubt, I find that it helps to study my previous work to help boost my confidence and encourage me to continue exploring past concepts. I am getting in the habit of making preliminary sketches for paintings and prepping my canvases with a thin layer of paint. Scaling objects to the canvas size is something that I've always struggled with, so I find that digital mockups/sketches are a very helpful tool and save me a lot of time.

How to Purchase

The best way to purchase my artwork is through my artist website. If you are interested in purchasing something that is not listed on there, you can contact me directly via email and I will respond to you as quickly as I can.

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