Carolyn Robles

About Carolyn Robles

Carolyn Robles is a painter, pastelist, lifelong lover of drawing, and art instructor. She grew up in a nature loving and artistic family where exposure to art and a variety of art materials fostered a curiosity for creation and an obsession with learning how to draw people and animals. She was asked to make drawings for friends and teachers in elementary school and began as a commissioned portrait artist and art instructor in her teens. She earned a BFA in Studio Arts form NAU, studied art in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy while living in Europe for five years. And received an MFA from Laguna College of Art + Design with a degree in Representational Painting. Her work has been published in The Pastel Journal, Artist's Magazine, Pure Pastel, Tucson Lifestyle, and Desert Leaf, and in is in public and private collections around the U.S., Canada, Europe, Senegal, and Australia.

Preferred Pronouns: she (her)
Las Tres Falleras, Oil
Alquimista del Corazon, Pastel
Not the Enemy III, Pastel

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