Eledel Giddings (Iguhit Art Studio)

Eledel Giddings is a Visual Artist/Educator. She takes portrait commissions and sell fine art paintings through her website and Art Exhibition & Fairs. She also runs an art program for kids called Young Rembrandts.
About Eledel Giddings (Iguhit Art Studio)

Eledel Osorio Giddings was born and grew up in a small town by the sea in the Philippines to a family where artistic talent was nurtured. Eledel’s first art teacher was her father who was and remains well known in the region for his public murals and designs. She started drawing at six years old and in grade school was able to earn an extra “school allowance” by selling her drawings to classmates. During her school years, she continued to learn from her father and eventually began helping him with his commissioned mural and other public and private work.
In 2010, Eledel immigrated to the U.S. to marry her husband whose encouragement and appreciation of art influenced her to pursue her career in art. For Eledel, moving to the U.S. was like being born again. So much was different from her country - different people and different ways of life. There was so much to learn and these new experiences and differences allowed her to explore new ways of thinking and to follow new avenues of creativity as she could never have imagined before.

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