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Jacqueline Chanda, born in Detroit, MI, is now a full time artist living in Tucson, AZ. She received her undergraduate degree in painting and drawing from UCLA, holds graduate degrees from the Sorbonne University and studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and the Academy de Porte Royale both located in Paris, France. She is a representational figurative oil painter who loves to create narrative works that capture the beauty in the expressions and movements of common people doing everyday activities.

Jacqueline’s accomplishments since becoming a full time artist are many. She has been the recipient of a Professional Development and a Research and Professional Development Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, an artist residency at Hypatia-in-the-Woods in Shelton, WA and an artist fellowship-in-residence at the International Women’s Center in Santa Fe, NM and she has also participated in solo and numerous local, national, and international juried group competitions and exhibitions.

Preferred Pronouns: she
The Encounter
The Café

This cafe scene is from Aix-en-Provence a city in the southern part of France. Cafe culture is very strong and something I truly enjoyed when I lived there. I was inspired by the light hitting the waiter and the people seated at the table, the contrast that created was what captivated me. If you have ever been to the southern part of France, sat in a cafe, enjoyed watching people, and sipping a cup of tea, coffee, or what ever, this painting is for you.

After the Rain
This painting was inspired by a photo I had of a street in a small village in southeastern France called Cucuron. The image had no people in it, so I decided to put a few tourists in the painting, but to make it even more interesting, I added the puddles of water and called it "After the Rain." The shop La Vie Cherie is a landmark in this village located in the Luberon region. It is a concept store that combines Contemporary Art, vegan and organic pastries.

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About the Process

I am a representational oil painter. I focus predominantly on figurative, genre and plein air paintings. My figurative work can be labeled portraits because they depict a single person. My genre paintings depict aspects of everyday life and portray ordinary people engaged in common activities like walking on the street, sitting in a park or in a cafe. My landscapes are from painting outdoors and so represent places I have visited. My figurative work may be done from life or from a photograph. If from life it is generally done alla prima or wet on wet. If done from a photograph, my approach is more indirect. I start with a rather detailed drawing, then do an underpainting followed by layers of paint applied loosely, scumbling and sometimes glazing. The genre paintings are done in the same way as the figurative work created from photographs. However, I often use either one or several photographs merged together. Inspiration for these paintings come from watching people during my travels and personal experiences. Some of these paintings may represent a specific scene or place or come from my imagination. Landscapes are done alla prima with final touches done in the studio.

How to Purchase

Some of my artwork can be purchased directly from me at my studio or from my website. If purchased from me the client can pay with cash or a credit/debit card. If purchasing from online through my website the client can use a credit/debit card using Paypal. If purchasing from the website, the client must click on the image of the painting they want to buy and then click on the add to cart button and then complete the payment process. Other artwork can be purchased through the following fine art galleries: Calloway Gallery of Fine Art in Georgetown D.C., Eisele Fine Art Gallery in Cincinnati, Oh, Sedona Art Center Gallery in Sedona, AZ, Toscana Studio and Gallery in Oro Valley, AZ and Mas y Mas Art Gallery in Tubac, AZ.

April 23rd 10:00 to 12:30 and 3:30 to 5:00, April 24 and 25 10:00 to 4:00 or by appointment

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Studio Details

Studio Hours: 10:00 to 3:00
How to Visit: Open to public, Open by appointment
Studio Website: https://jacquelinechanda.com
Studio Phone: 5202840128
Studio Address: 7269 E. Camino Vecino 
, AZ 85715

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