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About Judith Austen

I’ve been a working artist my entire adult life, be it oil painting, writing, or knitting. Raised in the New York City area, I graduated with a BFA from Pratt Institute and an MFA from Boston University. Living on the Long Island Sound and later the New England coast, I oil painted seascapes on location, and in cold weather still lives my studio. I also work from photographs either taken by me or sent to me by friends. Making art is a process with no “right way,” the end result, a destination of discovery. For a larger view of my work, see my video on my web page: www.austenarts.com , press "about" and see my studio tour from 2021.

Judith Austen
Preferred Pronouns: She/ Her
Petal by Petal
“Here, Kitty,” painted paper pulp, wall-hanging bas reliefs (in collaboration with Myrna H.)

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About the Process

Petal by Petal, oil on round canvas, framed 22”x 22”

When Russian troops entered Ukraine I was so rattled I did what I always do, sought something beautiful. On a visit to a nursery, a small cactus in oversize bloom called to me, its color a Ukrainian yellow. Unlike Ukraine with its own larger canvas,
the blossom was short-lived and complicated to paint. “Slowly slowly,” I told myself, petal by petal I allowed myself. Long after its blossom on prickly stem turned brown, its promise of renewal holds and glows, as does Ukraine.

Here Kitty
Painted Pulp is a collaboration between artists Myrna Helfenstein and Judith Austen. Myrna creates original sculptures from paper pulp, which Judith then paints. From whimsical wall-hanging cats, to oversized cupcakes and burgers, the humor and skill of these iconic pieces capture the eye.

Desert Contained
When I moved from Boston to Tucson six years ago, much as I appreciated the spaciousness of the desert, it felt vast and without borders. To achieve intimacy with this new landscape, I created a body of work I call, "Desert Contained." Be it their color, shape or texture, I chose cacti that intrigued me and planted them in pots.

Still life in process
Self portrait in progress
Desert Contained, Potted Red Thorn Cactus oil-on-round-canvas, diameter 20 inches

How to Purchase

1. My art can be purchased directly from my website: www.austenarts.com

2. OR visit my studio during Open Studio Tours at: 6882 N Solaz Segundo, Tucson 85718

My studio will be open for visitors from 11 am to 5 pm on the weekends of:
Saturday, April 22nd and Sunday, April 23rd

Visitors can call to make an appointment during the week if desired.

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How to Visit: Open to public, Open by appointment
Studio Phone: (617) 513-1885
Studio Address: 6882 N Solaz Segundo 
, AZ 85718
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