Leah Albert

About Leah Albert

I am fascinated by paints’ ability to capture psychological landscapes and fleeting emotions within it’s decorative surface. I graduated from a small figurative art college in the Northeast about a decade ago, and since moving to Tucson my acrylic paintings and works on paper have been informed by the natural and developed landscapes of Arizona. My recent work explores our neighborhoods and surroundings in bright forms, depicting spaces that contrast natural beauty with man-made artifice and the paradox of contemporary isolation.

"Weightless" & "Dot's Yard", 2018
Ghosting, 2019
2018 Midsummer, 2020

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About the Process

I explore possible ideas for a project by initially creating small marker on paper and collage studies, generally made directly from observation outside or from nearby photographic references. I often work in books I hand bind myself.
These smaller works allow for rapid experimentation with color concept and composition.
I make finished acrylic paintings that borrow elements of these initial drawings, but often evolve to be very different as concepts evolve. In this way the paintings progress in a non-linear way.

How to Purchase

Please feel free to reach out directly; leahalbert3@gmail.com.

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