Meredith Milstead

About Meredith Milstead

Meredith grew up in a military family surrounded by the art and architecture of foreign countries. From an early age, she was singled out by teachers and peers as a creative, artistic type. She attended art schools in Munich, Florence and London before graduating from the University of Arizona with degrees in the Fine Arts and Art History. She has been teaching art in Tucson for 15 years. Her approach to art is eclectic, sourcing material from her interest in the natural environment and psychology. Her current project, Trash To Treasure, contains paintings and collages of both cherished and discarded items collected from the different locations she inhabits.
Deep Dive
Cancer Rising
Two Hearts

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About the Process

Arrangement of collected trash from [location] on a canvas.
Trace of trash.

How to Purchase

To purchase art work, visit me at my studio in Tucson, contact me directly via phone or email or purchase work directly from my website blog,

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