"Nothing is, as it seems. For the veil must be lifted by insight.” The Hue Lamps visual work of arts are no different. Though seeing is believing. The wonder of the universe unfolds, in focus.”
About R. B. DAVIS

I was born in Tucson, Arizona. My focus has been in technology, engineering and chemistry. So, In the design and innovation to create new products. I continued to search for extraordinary results. Within the works of these new discoveries, I found artistry in the science. Now I am able to bring the fascinating discoveries to the public to inspire others.
I found results that mirrored the events found in deep space. The key results allow me to recreate the effects of a stars light illuminating events creating the nebula in space. I always wanted to travel to space and see the wonders personally. But now I can bring these wonders to people everywhere..

Nature of the Lamps

The Hue Lamps artworks are a combination of chemistry and knowledge of material interactions. Creating many layers of gaseous clouds and reigniting the exploration and wonder in all of us. Some wonders of art are created with pencils and brushes. However, these visual works of art are created with rare and pure elements. Each product is a original. The lamps are produced in a medium of glass.   Multi-spectrum reactive visual works.

Sagittarius Dream

“Sagittarius Dream”


aka. Hue Lamp #9


Dysi Kromius

“Dysi Kromius”


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