Renee Michele

I am deeply interested in subjects around the natural environment, social equality and spirituality on a broader scale. I love to explore what oil paints can do with brushes, rags, and viscosity, applied in many layers.
About Renee Michele
Oils on canvas, 40" X 30"

Free form approach to painting without direct forethought.  I was exploring mark making, drawing with paint and veiling layers of color.  I work on canvases in tandem, one that is purely exploratory in nature and the other with a well defined subject and an objective to accomplish.

Mixed medium and acrylics on canvas. 13" X 10"

This is a combination of painting, drawing, and sewing.  In 2020-2021 there was a very obvious planetary alignment happening in the night sky.  It went on for months!  In this piece I loosely referred to this occurrence in a state of reflection in the daytime sky on top and the night time sky on the bottom.  I am also always trying to develop color and so worked to enrich the acrylics with multiple layers.

Oils on canvas. 30" X 48"
"The Shared Experience of Creativity and Ingenuity"
This was a very deliberate piece with an emphasis on color blending and color relationships. I tend to fill up a canvas with shapes and lines so need to be very aware of the orchestration all these elements. The subject was also very consciously approached.

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