Róisín McCool

Roisin McCool is a multidisciplinary artist and storyteller. McCool is currently working in stained glass, supported by the funding provided by the Arts Foundation for Tucson & Southern Arizona's stART Grant.
About Róisín McCool

Roisin McCool is an illustrator known for working in a whimsical style that features a variety of bright colors. Their work touches on themes of heritage, childhood, technology, grief, and general personhood. McCool has a Bachelor of Illustration from the University of Arizona, is a 2023 recipient of the stART Artist Grant Award from the Arts Foundation for Tucson & Southern Arizona. Their work has been published in Sunday Mornings at the River's literary anthology, and they have shown work in both the United States and Canada.

Roisin McCool
Preferred Pronouns: she/her
Watercolor and Colored Pencil
Woodcut Relief Print
The Body is a Housefire

This piece touches on McCool’s relationship with illness and grief. It is about the fear of not knowing what is going on inside one’s body until it is too late.

Poster from McCool's adaptation of the Greek myth of Icarus
Fly Into The Sun

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