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I live and work in an adobe home, studio, and courtyard/gallery I built myself, by hand, in downtown Tucson. I have lived in this home for over 35 years, putting down roots, raising a family, living in place much as my barrio neighbors have for generations. I have learned the names of the plants, the animals, the stones and the watersheds of my homeland, have studied the light and the changing seasons. My art is about this place, an affirmation of life in one place on earth: the Sonoran Desert Bioregion. Our culture has forgotten how to talk to trees, how to sing to stones and saguaros. I have spent a good part of my life walking the desert, kayaking it’s rivers, sitting by it’s streams, listening to those forgotten songs. The songs are of rainclouds forming over a parched land, of new life amid the dry shards, the bones of fallen cactus, of deep canyons, forgotten caves, windswept shores on the Sea of Cortez.

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Wave #2690, California Coast
Stormcloud over Tucson, #562, from A-Mountain
Cactus Flower Progression, for RBG

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How to Purchase

Contact me at wlesch@williamlesch.com or call or text me on my cell phone at 520-237-3223. Leave a message regarding what image, size print, and / or the price range you are wanting and I can contact you with what I have available. If you have a specific date by which you need a finished piece delivered let me know that as well and I will let you asap if it will be possible. With the holidays and Covid some custom prints may not be possible by Christmas, the earlier you can get a custom order to me the better. Existing prints are easier, and if you can pick up at the studio in downtown Tucson that is even easier. We can work out a no-contact pickup of work at my studio, call or email for details. I will be posting on my website and on my Facebook pages work that is already printed and also work that is framed and ready to hang that is available for purchase along with prices between Friday Nov 27th and Dec 5th. Will also be available after Dec 5th at the contacts below.

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