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Nov 7, 2022 | Artistories, Arts Foundation News, News


Carl Euegene – Visual Artist

In this episode, we hear from Carl Euegene, Visual Artist based in Tucson, AZ. He begins by sharing how his Project Creosote stART grant has impacted this moment in his career. We learn of the concepts he is exploring in a new painting series titled, Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend The Spirit And The Bride Says Come, where he examines the intersections of religion, politics and what it means to be a woman. Carl shares the importance of philosophy, world events, and art history in his work and lists the artists who inspire him. We then get into why Carl has chosen to live in the Southwest and how the Tucson art community keeps him engaged and motivated. We get an insight into Carl’s perception of good art versus “self-expression.” He advises navigating the business side of being a gallery artist, his desire to start a collective in Tucson, and collaborate with recording artist Jay Z.

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Carl Euegene was born in Alexandria, Louisiana; he received his degree from McNeese State University. Carl merges the idea of countering social stigmas and the idea relationships among people in American society, in and out of the studio.

“Don’t you feel sorry for me. it’s not a question I’m asking.” 2021, Oil On Canvas from series “Tell A Friend To Tell A Friend The Spirit And The Bride Says Come.” Image courtesy of the artist

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