Batty Biker

Acting as a marker for a gathering spot to observe cauldrons of bats take flight, Stephen Fairfield's work composed of welded steel pipe, rod, and perforated metal depicts a playful bat riding a recumbent bicycle.

Artist(s): Stephen Fairfield

Stephen Fairfield, Batty Biker, 2015.

Artist Stephen Fairfield plays with the whimsical in his steel sculpture, Batty Biker. Located along the Loop bicycle trail, Fairfield's work sits at the site where folks notoriously gather to watch bats mingle during dawn and dusk. Fairfield worked with welded steel pipe, rod, and perforated metal to construct the expressionistic recumbent bike and bat due!
Dimensions: 15' h x 8" w x 8' d
Address: 7650 E Broadway Blvd. (Viewing area on the bike trail at Broadway Blvd. and Pantano Wash (100' north of Broadway))

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