Guardian, Storyteller, and Curiosity

The Picture Rocks sculptures incorporate three individual forms which reference petroglyphs and "new" community members: 'Guardian, Storyteller, and Curiosity'. Each individual character represents the Community's love of the surrounding Sonoran Desert, their love of families, elders and children. The sculptures house touch-sensitive activators which play prerecorded sounds when the lower surface of each sculpture is touched.

Artist(s): Caryl Clement

Caryl Clement, Guardian, Storyteller, and Curiosity, 2007.

Depicting the characters of the Guardian, Storyteller, and Curiosity, artist Caryl Clement worked with carbon steel and additional decorative elements to develop uniqure personality traits behind each sculpture.
Dimensions: Height ranges from 4' to 8.5'
Address: Picture Rocks District Park (5615 N. Sanders Rd.)

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