Lessons of a Disaster

In his bronze sculpture, 'Lessons of a Disaster', artist Jacques Lipschitz depicts a phoenix rising from the ashes of his burnt down workspace, alluding to thoughts of new life following tragedy.

Artist(s): Jacques Lipchitz

Jacques Lipchitz, Lessons of a Disaster, 1970.

On loan to the University of Arizona Museum of Art by the Jacques and Yulla Lipchitz Foundation, artist Jacques Lipschitz's work, 'Lessons of a Distater', tells the tale of a fire which consumed the artist's work space. The bronze sculpture depicts what appears to be a phoenix rising from the flames, alluding to Lipschitz's triumph over the career altering setback.
Dimensions: 12'h
Address: UA Museum of Art, Olive Road and Speedway Blvd. (1031 N. Olive Road)

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