Midsummer Night’s Dream

The focus of this garden spot is a sitting area under a canopy of yellow blooming Palo Verde; a secret garden that improves with time. In Shakespeares "A Midsummer Nights Dream," the fairy and human world are intermixing. This sweet garden area has shoes, both human and fairy. All the shoes, except for the man's shoes, were first created from desert plant forms sewn together then cast in bronze. The artist's intention is to place the shoes in the garden, leaving one to imagine....where are the characters who left their shoes? Are they dancing and hiding somewhere close by?

Artist(s): Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca Thompson, Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2010.

Artist Rebecca Thompson created a garden inviting the viewer into the whimsical. A canopy of Palo Verde trees drape over stone seating, which encompasses a series of stones and bronze shoe castings. The shoe castings vary in size, allowing the viewer to question who, or what, left behind the shoes.
Address: Mehl Park (4010 E. River Road)

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