Shade of an Oak Flower

I was commissioned to design a bus shelter in collaboration with two 6th grade art classes at Doolen Middle School for the Oak Flower neighborhood in Tucson, AZ. Over an 8-week period, I worked with the students on a series of projects that highlighted the entire process of creating a public artwork, from brainstorming sessions to selection of materials, to ADA and safety requirements. The form of the bus shelter is a distillation of ideas generated through a design charrette where teams of 5 students created models. During the critique process, the best design ideas were identified and integrated into one final design.

Artist(s): Mary Lucking

Mary Lucking, Shade of an Oak Flower, 2004.

Artist Mary Lucking worked with 6th grade students in designing the bus shelter, which references an oak tree. The completed shelter is made of concrete and laser cut steel, incorporating the imagery dreamt up by the students.
Address: Northwest Corner of Glenn St. & Columbus Blvd.

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