Inspired by the gems, minerals and plants found in the desert surrounding Tucson, artist Kevin Box's 22 foot steel sculpture depicts an aloe plant accentuated with translucent glass.

Artist(s): Kevin Box

Kevin Box, silicAspire, 2012.

Composed of steel, translucent glass and rock, artist Kevin Box's depicts an abstracted aloe plant, standing at 22 feet tall. Box drew inspiration from gems, minerals, and plants of the Sonoran Desert when composing the piece, calling it 'silicAspire': Silica - the primary mineral found in sand and glass and Aspire - to hope or have ambition. The sculpture reaches beyond itself like a piece of sand dreaming of becoming something wonderful.
Dimensions: 22'h x Width 20' x w 20'd
Address: S.W. corner of La Cholla Blvd. and Magee Rd.

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