The Talking Mural: A New Works Grant Project by Alex Jimenez and Johanna Martinez
By: Arts Foundation

The Talking Mural: A New Works Grant Project by Alex Jimenez and Johanna Martinez

On Friday, June 23, 2017, a very special mural unveiling took place at Oasis Fruit Cones on South 12th Avenue in South Tucson. Arts Foundation New Works Grantee artist, Alex Jimenez, in collaboration with artist Johanna Martinez, presented their project “The Talking Mural”.

Photo by Laura Dent

Photo by Laura Dent

The event was hosted by hosted by La Doce Barrio Foodways Documentation Project and had live music, a lowrider car show, artist talks, and questionnaires by the La Doce Food Documentation Team. All of us at The Arts Foundation are very proud to see grant funds go towards wonderful projects such as “The Talking Mural” that celebrate the importance of community, culture, neighborhood roots and continue the important conversation and dialogue around that celebration.


See a clip from the event, by Cait Ni Siomon:


“The Talking Mural is a site-specific interactive mural that allows the viewer to scan a QR code on the wall and listen to audio interviews of business owners on S. 12th Ave. The mural depicts scenes and icons from some of the oldest businesses on the street, Rafael’s Tire Shop, Arizona Palms Tinting, Alejandro’s Tortilleria, and Oasis Fruit Cones. Interviews were conducted as part of a larger project Alex Jimenez has been working on called Abecedario del Sur.  The Talking Mural celebrates not only the history of people on 12th Ave but the rich collection of hand-painted signs that adorn the buildings on the Southside of Tucson.”

– La Doce Foodways Project Facebook Event


Congratulations to our New Works Grantee, Alex Jimenez and collaborator Johanna Martinez! Make sure to stop by to see and interact with this wonderful new mural addition to South 12th Avenue!


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