Welcome to the Team, Abby Christensen!

Nov 1, 2022 | Arts Foundation News, News

We are excited to announce that we have welcomed new Arts Foundation staff member to our team! Meet Abby Christensen, Public Art Collections Associate.

In her new role, Abby will administer and implement best practices in public art donations, collections inventory, conservation, and maintenance.

Abby is a multi-disciplinary artist who was born in the Midwest, raised all over the western US, and came to Tucson in 2021 due to the vibrant art scene and proximity to wonderful hiking. She studied sculpture in Chicago and has been working in the arts for over a decade. She has engaged with the arts in contexts ranging from teaching art to kindergarteners in public schools, to working in museums, to installing artwork in private and public collections.

In her time as an art handler and managing a fine art crating shop, Abby fell in love with the always puzzling care of art objects. It has influenced her own studio practice which focuses heavily on textiles and the mercurial relationship between functional objects and “art” objects, and the differences in how people interact with and care for each. Similarly, her experiences installing incredible, exciting artworks in private settings where only a select few people were able to benefit from or even engage with them has made a lasting impression on her. She is thrilled to use her skills and knowledge to work toward preserving and caring for art that is accessible to the entire community that it belongs in.

Hardware Exploration But Soft, 2022, repurposed linens, cotton thread, and assorted hardware. Image courtesy of Abby Christensen

Banner No. 1, 2022, repurposed linens, found garments, cotton embroidery thread, and acrylic fringe. Image courtesy of Abby Christensen

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