20 Digit Design

I try to create imaginative, charming, and accessible public art, primarily using the computer as a design tool.
About 20 Digit Design

I earned a BFA from the University of Arizona in 2004 and went on to work as a craftsman at Metalphysic Sculpture Studio. In 2008 I moved to Austin, Texas where I worked as a designer and project manager at Ion Art. I designed signage, sculpture, and architectural decor. In 2015 I returned to Tucson where I currently work as a designer and sculptor with a studio assistant named Major Major.

Painted fabricated steel and cast bronze
Tracking the End of the Rainbow

13ft Equestrian Cowboy following the trail of cow and calf prints embedded in the concrete.

Fabricated steel and stained glass

12ft buck with stained glass flowers in his antlers.

Painted fabricated steel bench
Penstemon Bench
A bench designed for a library in the shape of a penstemon flower.

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