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Marino Heidel Studios: Working with cities and companies to create public art that connects to the community and explores the intersections of nature and industry, cultural richness and history.
About Angelina Marino-Heidel

In our artistic practice we consider multiple influences, functionality, and aesthetics that result in activating/enriching the community experience of the site through art. We design and fabricate functional and freestanding works for pre-existing structures, new constructions and plazas. Many of our works explore nature and industry while considering diversity, global community and cultural richness. They are realized in lush color, earth tones, lyricism of form and movement, in steel sculpture and murals. As an example, our architectural screens "Paths of Water and Earth", were informed by community input and area history. It is first of seven bike hubs and gathering places, envisioned by towns and ODOT's green initiative along the Columbia Gorge.
Our studio practice also includes ceramic tile, vitreous enamel, glass and writer/artists collaboration. We approach projects openly, encouraging discussions that inform the art and foster partnerships with committee and community.
Mural commissioned by the city of Florence, OR. Designed by Angelina Marino-Heidel and fabricated by Angelina Marino-Heidel and Joel Heidel
Florence Quilt: Stitching Time, Weaving Culture

Stitching Time, Weaving Cultures
2019; 15’ x 103’ and 20’ x 38’  City of Florence, OR; Vetted through arts committee, city council, urban renewal/land development, the Siusilaw People (approved by Tribal Leaders).
Drawing from the concept of patchwork quilting, the chevron style quilting seen on the smaller wall, and ideas of embroidery, the mural speaks to the history of the Florence area through its iconic bridge, native plants used by the First Peoples for clothing, sewing arts of the first settlers, old cultures of the sewing arts.
The smaller wall faces the interstate road and features a bicyclist, representing the present. The dimensionality, considers the passage of time and the feeling of motion. The background is rendered using the idea of a chevron pattern quilt and depicts the hills, waterways and valley associated with the Florence area, a coastal town. The tipping vase of rhododendron as well as the large flowers of the main mural, honors Florence’s yearly flower festival.

In collaboration with the city, day public paint was held on the first day of mural fabrication after the sketch was dropped in. 140 community members participated.

Commissioned by the city of Hood River. Designed by Angelina Marino-Heidel and Joel Heidel. Fabricated by Joel Heidel.
Paths of Water and Earth

Paths of Water and Earth – 2019

City of Hood River Bicycle Hub
Coated Steel Sculpture, 8’ x 18.5’ x 6”

Sculptural screens with dimensional elements: “Paths of Water and Earth” – This is a site specific work that speaks of the areas historic connection to the land, rivers, watershed and orchards, while combining the ideas of culturally rich communities through color usage. It thinks about the paths of history, people and nature. The screens were fit into place and bolted to existing structure under assistance and approval of the city.

Three of fourteen Illustrations created by Angelina Marino-Heidel for the Astoria International Film Festival
Astoria International Film Festival 3 Posters
Three of Fourteen Posters From 2009 - 2023 My mural schematics are created digitally and either hand painted using the grid method for transferring, or digitally printed and applied. In the past couple of years I have been further using digital compositions that combine my photography that include past sculptural work by Joel Heidel's, nature, people and combining it with drawn and collaged elements. Although these works above were created for posters, they could translate into panels, murals etc.

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