ARTECLETTICA (Dominic Panziera & Daniela Garofalo), can deliver high quality, sustainable and functional 2D and 3D Mixed Media Mosaics, Sculptures, Murals, etc, well suited for interior and exterior installations.
About Arteclettica

Arteclettica is the business name of Dominic Panziera and Daniela Garofalo. Staying true to the definition of this chosen name, they have utilized their diverse backgrounds to produce a wide variety of distinctive artworks using different media and techniques.
They have created various Public Art Projects in California, Nevada, and Italy.
They have also been selected in many Pre-qualified Artist Pools and as Finalists for Public Art Projects in the USA, Canada and Italy.
Their Work for Private Owners include a showroom, home designs, mosaics, sculptures, murals, paintings, and portraits, in the USA and Europe.
Daniela was born in Rome, ITALY, where she received her MasterArchitectural degree, a diploma in Art, another one in Restoration of Artistic Mosaics; she worked as assistant set designer at the Opera Theater. She presently teaches Art classes at the Community Arts Center, Truckee, CA.
Dominic was born in Salinas, CA, received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University, CA, and has work experience as a Civil Engineer and in Construction.
Mixed Media Mural (8'x100'x3"), on Brockway Rd., Truckee, CA. 2023

Metal work by Mountain Forge. Commissioned by the Town of Truckee.

Mixed Media Sculpture (12'x14'x3'), Metal work by Mountain Forge. 2016
*Individuality n.1"

it is presently exhibited at the Rotating Program, 2023-26, Pasadena, CA; it also has been exhibited at the Civic Center Sculpture Exhibition, Newport Beach, CA, 2020-22, in downtown Truckee, CA, at Burning Man, and at the Reno Sculpture Festival, Reno, NV. 

Mixed media Mosaic Floor (30’x20’), in the lobby of the Municipal Courthouse of Reno and Washoe County, NV. 2005
Commissioned by the city of Reno. The design includes sky, mountains, buildings, park, water, and streetscape with 22 diverse figures as a tribute to Reno’s unique inhabitants, culture, and location.

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