Bea Rubin

About Bea Rubin

I am a Tucson native and a lover of the desert since childhood. My colors and compositions reflect my response to the natural palette of the Sonoran desert -the vibrant blue skies, intense light and shadows across the mountains, the color tones of the earth.
My most recent paintings focusing on Tucson's barrios, takes me back to my youth. Working with the Tucson Barrio Painters and sometimes solo, I am drawn to the thick crumbling adobe walls, overhead wires, metal fences and the play of light against them.
I have a degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design and taught Art in the public schools.

Las 4 Esquinas
Orange Door

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About the Process

I am passionate about both Plein Air painting and Studio painting. I use loose brush strokes of oil paint in an attempt to create a dynamic moment in time, drawing the viewer into the painting.
West Franklin doorway
oil cloth apple

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