Caitlyn Swift

About Caitlyn Swift

Caitlyn Swift is an Arizona based artist, focusing primarily on oil painting and 2D media. Swift was awarded with Best of Drawing and Best of Painting by the Luis Bernal Gallery before entering the University of Arizona in 2018 to finish her Bachelor of Fine Arts. In 2019, Caitlyn became a published artist when her piece “Heavy” was included in Sandscript Magazine and placed first in the visual arts category. She will be attending her first artist in residence program at Chateau d’Orquevaux, France in the summer of 2021 and was awarded the Denis Diderot Grant in support of the upcoming residence.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
"Elegy of a Botanist"
"Clawfoot Pond"

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About the Process

As a multi-media artist, my creative process is spontaneous and constant. I genuinely believe artists need to give their creativity the freedom to roam where it pleases in order to grow. My process may look different on any given day, depending on what medium calls to me.

Regardless of medium, there are a few unwavering factors which regularly play into my work. Each piece always begins with an idea, which either translates into a concept sketch or reference image, depending on how developed or detailed I want the final piece. I try not to make too many decisions up front, because I like my pieces to come together in the moment or more organically. Once I have the concept sketch or image, I move forward on deciding what medium would best represent the idea, whether that be through watercolor, oils, drawing, collage, occasionally 3D fabrication, or a combination of media. I then consider what surface would best fit my medium and begin priming if needed.

When I am ready to actually start the piece, I determine how I want the finished product to feel to the viewer and pick some music to fit the desired mood. I make creative decisions and changes as I move through the piece.

How to Purchase

Viewers can contact me for information on commissions via Instagram @caitlynswift or via email . Small products like stickers, bags, cards, and other merchandise can be purchased through my Etsy shop :

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