Carl and Sandra Bryant

For us, making art is a form of magic. The overall theme of our artwork is a resolute celebration of this life; of our world, both our own human creations and of natural things.
About Carl and Sandra Bryant

Mosaic art is vibrant, very durable, graffiti resistant and low maintenance. It can be used as a medium for murals, columns, sculptural works, floors, glass on glass, benches, etc. The materials are also very versatile and abundant. They can be bright and show stopping glass, or subtle stone to celebrate and engage a community.
Glass Mosaic 2018 6.5ft x 22ft

This glass mosaic was created for the new Legacy Tower Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston Texas.  The mural is a way finding piece between the Woman’s Pavillion and the Children’s Hospital.  It features children, birds and animals enjoying a ride on a zoo carousel.  Designed and fabricated by Sandra and Carl Bryant.

Glass mosaic abstract 36" x 72"

This bright mosaic abstract was created for a private residence in Indianapolis.  The panel gave color and movement to a white funished room .

Glass mosaic 10.5 x 23ft
Heroes of the USCGC Tampa
This historical glass mosaic mural was created for the Tampa Bay History Center museum in Tampa, Florida. It chronicles the life and history of the crew of this Coast Guard Cutter that was lost at the end of WWI.

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