Christina Thomas

Creating healing portals through art. I specialize in murals and art installations, often combining the two. With a multidisciplinary background, I've produced 3D murals, store window displays, sets, and immersive art events.
About Christina Thomas

Christina Thomas, a California native, is a multi media artist who creates 2 and 3D murals, permanent and temporary art installations, which also translate into store window displays, set designs and props for photoshoots. She is a grant recipient and has produced multi sensory immersive art events. With her background in Fine Art, Interior Design, and Fashion she brings her vast knowledge of mediums, materials, and techniques together to create innovative works.

Christina Thomas
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
(520) 302-7867
10' x 10' x 8' mixed media art installation
Secret Door

An Art Installation created for & Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.
At 10′ x 10′ x 8′ this piece can be walked through by the viewer.
Every element was fabricated, constructed, sewn, etc., and then suspended with clear wire on a custom made clear grid.

30' x 10' mural

Using a unique approach of layering spray paint and airbrush to create an ethereal effect

13' x 9' mixed media 3D mural
Portal to where
Using a combination of techniques and mediums, part palette knife painting and part airbrush with a 3 dimensional hand crafted resin portal. Located in a hotel room, (bed will be added) the viewer will be enveloped in and sleep in this scene.

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