Corina Richards

About Corina Richards

Corina Richards is a printmaker and illustrator. Her art studio began in a tiny town in Texas and relocated to the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Her artwork focuses on 2D portraiture which stems from her Pasifika heritage and Hungarian history.

After earning her BFA at Texas A&M University-Commerce in Studio Arts and K-12 Art Education, Corina was selected to complete an artist residency in Budapest Hungary. She has continued exhibiting her work in Tucson and her artwork will be featured in a group show opening Jan 9th, 2022 at St Phillip's in the Hills.

As a cat-lover and quiet artist she creates art that reflects the idea of her works being made from a cozy adobe cottage. With multiple layers, instinctual mark making and consistent attention to detail Corina brings imaginative wonder to life immersed in nature and fantasy.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her

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About the Process

I enjoy finding inspiration everywhere I go. I am constantly observing the colors and contrasting textures. In my printmaking my artwork mimics the observations I notice of my subjects in liminal spaces. I enjoy the nuance of unexpected juxtaposition of objects or persons.

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