D E W Studio

I create distinctive forms, mostly with slabs, that accentuate the environment where they are utilized. My Lanterns use LED votives and puck lights and some maybe hardwired. I enjoy working with positive and negative space.
About D E W Studio

Since my youth I have been Intrigued with art and architecture. I enjoy using clay as a medium to build distinctive forms that accentuate and bring purpose to their surroundings. The appeal of positive and negative space influences my interest in designing boxes, lanterns, and urns. Trouble-shooting different techniques and approaches to a form inspire me. I value the organic connection to the earth through clay, and the peacefulness that it generates, while repurposing cardboard eases my conscious.

Launch Lantern

Gold Launch Lantern to be hard wired.  14′ tall X 11″ wide

Radiant Tower Lantern

Radiant Tower Lantern, 15.5″ tall X 8″ wide.  Maybe illuminated  with LED votive, hard wired or traditional candle.

Cardboard Chairs and Table
Repurposed Cardboard Chair w/woven cover, Cardboard Chair w/ribs and End Table. Chairs: 30.5" tall X 20.5" wide X 26" deep, Table: 26" tall X 18.5" X 14.5".

Open Studio Tour

About the Process

My love for gardens prompted me to build lanterns, and recently I started using LED lights to illuminate them. Working with clay slabs allows for experimentation with form and variations on a theme. I make molds that I press clay into and build forms to support complex shapes. With large pieces, I use a sculpture body clay that contains high volumes of sand and grog, and my wares are fired to cone 5/6. Prior to COVID, I started formulating my own glazes.

How to Purchase

My preferred method of contact is by email or phone in order to visit the studio by appointment.
An airy gallery with ventilation on December 3, 4, and 5th from 8-2.
For O S T December 6 through December 12, 2021, please schedule a visiting time.
Presently I have items at the Sunshine Shop at Broadway and Country Club as well as Triangle “L” Ranch in Oracle, a.k.a. Art Ranch.
Please be sure to check their hours of operation.

No events added yet.

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