Mark Mahaffey

I am a late 20th century master printmaker/ artisan working collaboratively for the last 35 years. Making limited edition fine art prints and sculpture with artists from all around the world.
About Mark Mahaffey
Mark Mahaffey
Preferred Pronouns: He/ Him/ El
503 688 3175
Fine art print
Pinocchios Minotaur

Fine art limited edition print 17×11 inches on green katakata using three print elements, lithography, relief and intaglio in 19 colors.  Edition of 5

Sonoran Life

Fine art print/ mono print,  16.5 x 13 inches printed from four sheets of glass in four colors on BFK

Cactaceae Family
Drawing of a cactus family near the border wall on Fabriano paper 39x28

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