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A commission driven artist studio specializing in all manner of steel creations: Botanical Panels, Sculptural Pieces, Memorable Freestanding Works, Gateways, Enclosures, Furniture and Public Art.
About Daniel Moore

A good public art story considers all the significant elements and weaves them together into artistic form. Public art creates a more humane environment; one of distinction, enjoyment, and pride for all citizens. I believe that the artwork belongs to the community where it resides. My work comes from a deep and broad connection to nature, its beauty and power, and I strive to create artwork that suggests a narrative for the viewer to complete. My pieces reflect a desire to combine iconic design with a medium that reflects a sense of timelessness and permanence while expressing the visions of the project. My industrious work ethic and urban design sense enable me to create distinctive works of art that foster new and dynamic relationships between community, site, history and the natural environment. Blurring the line between fine art, public sculpture, and collaborative practices, my work engages diverse audiences, humanizes public spaces, and often encourages participation with larger-than-life-sized artwork.

Daniel Moore
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him
Public Art Award-City of Henderson-Water Street Sculpture Project Henderson (NV)
Magnesium Maggie

10’ x 4’ x 1.5’, Steel. 

Role-Design, Fabrication & Installation-Permanent

An homage to the strength and determination of the female workforce during WWII at the BMI plant in Henderson, NV. The silhouette of “Maggie” exudes confidence and resoluteness, the “Mg” is the scientific reference to the element that was produced which is also illustrated through the crystalline structure of the element.The supporting base is an abstract representation of the Magnesium ingots that were produced at the plant and directs the eye upward and around to get the full impression, including Victory Road represented on the other side.


Art in Private Development (AIPD)-West Pharmaceuticals, Inc.- Tempe (AZ)

Steel, 4.5’ x 9’. 

Role-Design, Fabrication & Installation-Permanent

This piece is designed to represent the transformation of raw materials, plastics specifically, into a wide variety of devices that aid in the delivery and storage of medical products. The spheres represent the raw material and the flow of these elements inward and upward towards the central disc gradually melting into the support and semi circles surrounding the disc. Here, abstract representations of vials, syringes etc. deliver their contents to the human form where they are circulated throughout the body. Upon identifying themes found in their process, my goal was to represent the raw materials, manufacturing, end product and how all of the components benefit and deliver to the end user. Including the human component because that is who the products are ultimately designed to benefit.


Public Art Award-Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs-Lake Stanley Draper-Oklahoma City (OK)
Steel. 11’ x 15’ x 6’ Role-Design, Fabrication & Installation-Permanent The design is inspired by the ever present influence of Tinker Air Force Base where pilots train in the B-52. Biological components specific to the area including aquatic plants and animal life living within the lake are represented by a detailed relief on the vertical support. A hybrid form of the B-52, Oklahoma’s state insect, the honey bee and subtle bicycle related elements pay homage to the cyclists who visit the area. The kinetic design causes visual effects to emerge (image, shape, intensity, perception, contrast) casting interesting shadows. Because it is always in motion, people will have a new perspective at each encounter.

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