Emily Mann

Metal art and lighting with a rustic refined whimsy and style
About Emily Mann

Emily is a Tucson native who didn’t realize how much she loves beautiful Arizona until being gone way too long. After undergraduate studies at Rice University, including a semester at the University de Chile, Santiago, and one in Costa Rica she spent some time gathering perspective and seeing the world by sampling Central & Eastern Europe and Central America. After living the ski dream in Crested Butte, CO & working as a high school dorm parent, she returned to Tucson for graduate school. With a firm and inspired educational philosophy, she went into the schools as a fledgling in Tanque Verde Schools teaching Spanish and Technology, where she participated in Fulbright Uruguay; then into professional development for Pima County Schools Superintendent’s Office as a Technology Integration Specialist and teacher-trainer. Though certified in CTE (Career & Technical Education) to teach welding, she instead spent her last few years in TUSD and Sunnyside as a technology coach for teachers, a library media specialist and student technology team coordinator. She is now a successful full-time working artist.

Yucca Sunshine Shadow Light Projects its pictograph on a boulder
Shadow Light Sculptural Cluster of Three Staggered Heights

Low-Voltage Shadow Lights hard-wired for landscape lighting. 28″, 32″, 36″ 4×4″ square bollard columns.

Create Mesmerizing Outdoor Spaces with Handcrafted Shadow Lights Body: Illuminate your landscapes with our Shadow Lights, the low voltage lighting solution that is both functional and artistic. Each of our lights are crafted by a woman welder located in Tucson, Arizona, and is imbued with intricate designs that are plasma-cut by hand to create sculptural silhouettes that spread stunning shadow patterns. As a hard-wired low voltage lighting solution, our Shadow Lights can be safely and easily installed in any outdoor space. Whether you’re an architect or a landscape designer, our Shadow Lights provide you with the ultimate tool for elevating the beauty of any space. Don’t wait to see these mesmerizing lights for yourself! Contact us today to make an appointment to visit our studio and learn more.

Arabian Knights, Contained Chaos, and Fleur de Bohr Solar 16" Shadow Lights
Solar Shadow Lights

Shadow Lights are dynamic art pieces which stand as beautiful sculpture during the day, and extend their reach in the dark casting amazing dancing shadow patterns.  Popular installations are clusters of three lights of varying height and assorted styles and heights lining landscape paths.

Each piece is cut with whimsy and an eye for best shadow designs and dynamic dimensions. I follow an organic flow to the rhythm of my music, or the improv comedy I am listening to. Each one is unique and incredibly eye catching in the day and even more so, when the shadows play, at night.

Solar light lids have 8 lumen lights and replaceable rechargeable batteries. 

Lights are easily installed into landscaping by driving two pieces of rebar into the ground and sliding the slots inside the Shadow Light over the stakes.

They can be ordered to any height or pattern & can be solar or designed to run on low voltage standard landscape lines.

Collaged UpCycled metal remnants forming a grouper with an angle
Ole Grumpy
Using cutouts, or remnant “drops” from other projects is a great pleasure and opportunity for fun. I collage together the pieces rendered from my Shadow Lights and assemble figurative whimsical objects like the bioluminescent deep sea fish I dream of seeing when my SCUBA certification is more advanced, or the cactus and succulents I so admire and cultivate in my desert landscape. The pollinator sculptural pieces, like dragonflies, butterflies, and craneflies, are textured with intricate up-cycled pieces and backed in deep vibrant glass or mica, and inspired by the pollinator counts I performed in a Colorado biological field station during the summers.

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