Eric T. Galbreath

The world of color is my sanctuary, and I spend as much time there as I can. Applying color. Moving color. Mixing color. Watching color dry. Expressing emotion with color. Finding hope in color. Joy. Consciousness. Energy.
About Eric T. Galbreath

Eric T Galbreath graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1985 while art directing and designing in a local advertising agency. After receiving his BA in Visual Art, Eric earned his Master of Divinity.

In 1997 Eric relocated to Tucson. The wide open sky and saturated colors captivated his spirit. Designing full time, Eric began painting abstract works as a way to detach from the flat, artificially perfect world inside the computer. Using his hands to manipulate real, physical materials was just the needed catalyst for an explosion of light and color.

“I think the energy of life is a kind of random chaos,” Galbreath says. “Each of us makes some semblance of meaning, imposing order, rearranging, combining ideas, events, memories. We repeat, correct, update, and edit our histories, overlaying what has come before.

“Living is a messy process. And this is my basic approach to creating: layer builds on layer, simplicity gives way to complexity. The disorderly and the chaotic, over time, form a beauty, a logic, a composition arrived at, discovered and coaxed.

“My challenge to the viewer: appreciate being in the moment with the beauty of ambiguity.”

Eric T. Galbreath
Preferred Pronouns: He, Him, His
Commissioned Painting
Commissioned Piece

What’s the first thing you see when you walk into Jennie’s Living room?

This 48″ x 96″ Diptych

"Lime Green Line"

I enjoy creating large paintings, and Tucson homes boast some of the largest blank walls in the country. Let’s fill those blank walls with beautiful, vibrant, life-giving color!

Dining Room Display
"Brisk" (left) and "20 degrees" (right)
Large paintings create an inviting and colorful environment for entertaining!
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