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About Happily Becoming / Lisa Falk

Creativity is infused in my life and spurred by the beauty I find in little things all around me. After moving my studio to my back patio during the Pandemic, I decided to build an inside home studio where I can still enjoy the early morning or evening light, flowers in the garden, and the birds that sing to me as I work (but without wind, heat, and mosquitos!). Come check out my new space!

I find inspiration in nature, architecture, travel, my dreams, and even in the playfulness of my cats. This past year I have been enjoying doing sgraffito (carving). Cats, flowers, and desert scenes blossom on my pottery now.

Colors also excite me. I love the turquoise of the Caribbean, the green-blues of Taos, the large white layered clouds against deep blue that build up leading to the SW monsoons, the dusty green of sage, the warm orange and purple of sunsets, and the ruby of cherries and prickly pear fruit. You will see those colors in the things I make. I’ve lived and traveled many places and their colors and designs make their way into my creations. Perhaps you’ll feel the rhythm of waves, the swiftness of a lizard scuttling up a wall, or the sensualness of dancing salsa in my pieces.

I’ve been doing pottery on and off since I was a teenager. In Tucson I picked it up again 16 years ago when my son wanted to learn. We did a parent-child class at the Tucson Clay Coop. He soon tired of it, but I continued and became a TCC member. While my studio is at home, I glaze and fire my work at the Clay Coop.

Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
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About the Process

I have three major bodies of work: sgraffito, embossed, and multi-colored. The sgraffito, carving designs into the clay, is my newest work and you will see the influence of the garden, butterflies, birds, and cats on the pieces, which are primarily vases, utensil holders and mugs. My embossed work includes mugs with bicycles climbing hills (yes, I’m a cyclist) and saguaro cactus; soap dishes with lizards, bees, butterflies, saguaros, and fish; and inspiration plaques with bicycles or flyers and inspiring words. Often the embossed pieces also have engraved designs. I love blending and overlapping colors in my multi-colored work, which comes in all forms: mugs, bowls, and vases to delight. Some of my bowls look like mountain landscapes or ocean waterscapes with the undulating overlap of colors. I also have a large assortment of ornaments and magnets that make wonderful small gifts. I use cone 5/6 clays, glazes, and colored slips.

How to Purchase

Please visit my Etsy shop: www.esty.com/shop/happilybecoming and follow me on Instagram @happilybecoming. You can also contact me to have a private visit to my outside studio to purchase pottery.

DECEMBER 11th 10am – 4pm

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