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Hiro Tashima is an Art Instructor at Pima College, sensitive to local culture. He has been making public arts for Phoenix, Oro Valley and Tucson.
About hirotsune tashima

I have experience making Public Art in Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix Airport, Oro Valley and Tucson. People enjoy the work I created with community input was appreciated. I will create something belongs to the community, enjoy and proud by the community.

Hiro and Jason were comissioned to create a public art for the Naranja Park, Oro Valley, AZ.
"Quail Trail"

We talked with the local community meeting, what they like to see.

We came up with an idea that the local bird Quail is going to the Park to use the equipment.

It baceme the popular spot to take selfies with the sculpture.

Public Art for Phoenix Convention Center, $100,000
"Beach in Heaven"

I was selected to make a public art for the Phoenix Convention Center.  This piece shows the Mix culture of the city of Phoenix by the food cactus, which has, American, Mexican, Italian and Japanese Food on them.  The Fashion cactus shows many fashinable items from a hat to the shoes.  Phoenix is the 5th largest city in the US, so what you can get in NY, You can get in Phoenix, too.  Phoenix even have a mam made lake, and sprinklers blooming floweres everywhere.  It almost natural to feel the fish in the Cactus!!

Public Art fro the Mission Library, showing how the local area had changed from native's land to the librarry with Airforce in the sky in a couple of hundred years.
What's Next?
This was a public Art for the Mission Library. I worked with locan hispanic and native highschool students. They asked the story from their grand parents and we created the 1800s with native people making basketery, deer dancing befor the train building, 1900s train building and migration of workers, cotton farming and present day Tucson with dried up river and airforce in the sky.

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