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I have worked on over 50 mural projects in 13 states, I have been a featured artist for Basel House Mural Festival in Miami, and I started a local initiative that helped revitalize the Murray Hill neighborhood of Jacksonville by installing more than 20 murals in graffiti prone areas. I was chosen by the Arts & Humanities Council of Tuscaloosa to be the first artist to paint a mural for their mural project, and one of my murals even set a Guinness World Record for largest 3D painting. I have had murals voted “Best Public Art” in Jacksonville on three occasions, I have worked with comedian Josh Blue, a finalist on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, and was featured on ESPN for my mural with NFL quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Druid City

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Dimensions: 18×60
Description: This piece was commissioned by the city of Tuscaloosa as the first mural in a series of public art pieces to be installed throughout the city. It utilizes a technique called red reveal where images or text can be hidden within the image that can only be seen with the use of a red filter or red lighting. In this case, the city’s nickname “Druid City” is visible through a red filter.

No Sleep

Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Dimensions: 91×22
Description: I designed and installed this piece with the intent of setting a Guinness World Record for largest 3D/Anaglyph painting. From concept to final approval of the record this project took almost an entire year. I was required to hire experts in the fields of 3D to certify that the 3D effect worked, as well as hiring engineers to measure and certify the final size of the design. This information was all submitted to Guinness with my record application.

Location: Marshalltown, Iowa Dimensions: 70x27 Description: This mural focuses on using many faces with bright, bold colors to represent the diverse community of Marshalltown and to symbolize inclusivity, and unity. The hexagon pattern seen in the background is meant to convey the idea of people being interconnected, and the dotted lines connecting different eye shapes is meant to show the importance of seeing the world from different points of view. The waves in the bottom right are meant to represent the Iowa river, and they flow from a rainbow of hearts meant to symbolize inclusivity and the welcoming of different cultures. The tree in the lower right symbolizes the devastation from tornadoes that happened locally, as well as the regrowth and connectedness of the people.

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