Robert Minervini

About Robert Minervini

I’ve been working in public art since 2004 as a mural artist and educator with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. My professional background began with MAP as a muralist, and has grown and changed over the years.

in 2007 I relocated to the Bay Area, where I continued to work in public art as well as develop my studio art practice. I've had the fortune of working with organizations from small and scrappy to large and complex. Most recently, I’ve completed my largest commission through the San Francisco Arts Commission for a 9 x 31’ mosaic and glass artwork, which is permanently placed at the San Francisco International Airport. In 2021, I completed a 400' mural in Santa Ana, California. An imaginative interpretation of the areas history and iconography.

Thought my years of experience in the public art field I’ve been able to successfully expanded my practice into new and exciting situations. It would be an absolute honor to work with the community in Tucson to bring more art into public spaces.
Bay Area Hyper Natural

glass, ceramic, marble mosaic 9 x 31′ 2019

San Francisco International Airport – Harvey Milk Terminal 1


Susan Over Santa Ana

acrylic mural, 25×400′ 2021

Park and Paseo, Santa Ana, California

Susan Over Santa Ana
acrylic mural, 25x400' 2021 Park and Paseo, Santa Ana, California 

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