Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell is a contemporary sculptor and community artist whose work merges traditional techniques with modern designs. With a focus on themes of race, identity, and societal concerns, her creations resonate deeply.
About Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell is a contemporary sculptor and community artist whose work merges traditional techniques with modern designs. With a focus on themes of race, identity, and societal concerns, her creations resonate deeply. Bell employs an innovative approach, assembling smaller elements to construct expansive installations that convey her messages powerfully.

In her current artistic phase, Bell is passionate about public art that mirrors her personal voyage into motherhood. Her works are not merely visual; they are narratives that engage viewers on multiple levels, encouraging them to delve deeper into the underlying meanings. Employing playful iconography and everyday objects, often overlooked, Bell skillfully entices observers to examine her art more closely, unveiling intricate layers of significance.

Bell's artistic expression is arresting, playful, and luxuriant in its use of materials. Her creative prowess has been recognized with accolades including the Red Bull Artist Grant, the Priscilla Art Award, and the Juanita Craft Artist Residency. Over the span of her career, she has been the beneficiary of numerous artist grants to support her community engagement.

Jessica Bell
Preferred Pronouns: She / Her
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April 22nd marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, and @galleriadallas is recognizing this with a celebration lasting nearly a whole month. In conjunction with renewable energy retailer @octopusenergyus the center presents a celebration of Earth Day 2021 in partnership with @earthxorg . The exhibit is designed to educate the public on the current environmental state of the planet, the effects of climate change on humanity and the power that individual people possess to make a positive and collective impact. The exhibit will feature a large wall installation showcasing five different environmental focus areas — Sustain our Earth, Clean Water for All, Clean Energy for All, Clean Cities for All, and Find Climate solutions. The installation will also feature actions consumers can take to reduce their carbon footprint. Each area will feature QR codes leading to a companion website with supporting materials provided by Octopus Energy, EarthX, and additional resources. After shifting in 2020 from an expo to virtual programming, EarthX will celebrate Earth Day April 16-25 with environmental solutions-based conversations and original programming on EarthxTV. The EarthxFilm Festival will screen films both online and outdoors bringing the viewing experience back to the big screen. In addition to the educational activation at Galleria Dallas, Dallas-based artist Jessica Bell will present an inspirational art installation spanning a 16-foot storefront window at the shopping center, curated by Gossypion Investments, and commissioned by Octopus Energy US. The piece will focus on the everyday environmentalism that viewers can all participate in by reducing, reusing and recycling the materials in their lives. As a contemporary sculptor and ceramic artist, waste is a natural part of Bell’s creative process. Over the years, Bell has saved imperfect pieces, such as a cracked vase or stained fabric, instead of throwing them away.

Public Art

“Bond” is a public sculpture that is a visual representation of the profound bond between a mother and her child. Inspired by the artist’s own journey into motherhood, this artwork embodies the heartfelt sentiment that a child is a mother’s heart existing outside her body.

The sculpture takes the form of a graceful “C,” its curved shape symbolizing the nurturing embrace of a mother’s love. The gentle curve extends outward with a one-foot radius, inviting viewers to engage with its contours and explore the symbolism it holds. A one-foot mint-colored ball, intricately attached to the “C” shape, becomes a central element of the sculpture, reinforcing the concept of an unbreakable bond. This removable ball represents the child, an integral part of the mother’s life. 

The mint ball, carefully attached to the “C,” mirrors the enduring connection between mother and child. It speaks to the artist’s personal experience and the universal truth that a child remains an indelible part of a mother’s identity. The words “My son will always be a part of me” echo the sculpture’s sentiment. This heartfelt affirmation encapsulates the eternal link between mother and child, even as they exist as distinct individuals.

“Bond” has been thoughtfully designed for both exterior and interior settings. With removable plates, it is well-suited for outdoor installation, enduring the elements while remaining a symbol of unwavering maternal love. Its sleek, clean lines make it equally suitable for indoor spaces, where it can serve as a contemplative and emotive art piece.

Emory Hospital Atlanta Public Art
Emory Heart
Memory Heart, created by artist team Jessica Bell and Scott Shubin, memorializes the COVID-19 pandemic and honors those who have been impacted. This kinetic sculpture was specifically designed for the courtyard of the historic Orr Building on the Emory University Hospital Midtown Campus. Gracefully spinning in the wind, Memory Heart, is an elegant ribbon of powder coated blue steel that abstractly curves into the shape of a heart. The heart represents gratitude, love, happiness, and hope, honoring survivors, those we have lost, the community who worked together during this pandemic and the care teams. Balancing on top of a round steel base. This sculpture will reach 10 feet tall and span 6 feet in width.

Public Artist Art Roster

Public art is an exploration of the transformative power of creativity. My mission is twofold: to reimagine space and to foster the creation of vibrant, inclusive community spaces. Public art, for me, is an opportunity to engage with the very essence of a place, to converse with its history, its people, and its aspirations. It is a conversation that transcends words, one conducted through the language of form, color, and symbolism. My artistic journey is an ode to the unique identity of a space, a celebration of its diversity, and a nod to its past, present, and future.

Through the deliberate placement of my creations, I aim to provoke reflection, to invite viewers to pause amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life and contemplate the narratives embedded within the artwork. It is an act of inviting the community to discover its own story, to engage in a dialogue with the art that surrounds them, and to recognize their own place within the larger tapestry of their environment.
Yet, my art is not just a mirror reflecting the world—it is a catalyst for change. By transforming mundane spaces into dynamic, interactive environments, I aim to inspire a sense of ownership and pride within the community. These spaces become more than just locations; they become communal living rooms, gathering points, and safe havens for expression.

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