Jo Andersen

I am a Tucson area printmaker, painter and creator of artists' books
About Jo Andersen

I have been a printmaker and painting now for many years.
From eight to eighteen I lived in Panama and Columbia in South America. I spent several years in Los Angeles then moved back to Arizona. The Sonoran Desert has been home for many years.
Flat files filled with prints turned me towards small edition books. I find the edition prints to be a jumping off point for the creation of Artists’ Books.
I began creating Artists’ Books about 20 years ago. Beginning with book forms then books with content .Books are a place I can explore a concept more fully. A sequential form of image/ word presentation. I generally use my prints and cyanotypes or other alternative photography media in my Artist’s books.

Jo Andersen
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
520 240-8531
A flag book format with Cyanotype prints.
Desert Rain

For over a year I took cell phone images with a clip on macro lens of rain drops in the Sonoran Desert.

The tiny drops suspended from glochids and resting on bur-sage leaves captured the momentary beauty

of our rare and nourishing rains. This Artists’ Book is about these sacred desert rains.

A coptic bound Artists' Book
TEND: A collaborative Book Maria Lee and Jo Andersen

This collaboration began during covid when we each started spending more time gardening.

We visited many local gardens drawing painting and writing about what we experienced. Then

we developed a plan and carved recycled woodblocks of text and images. We printed the

woodblocks then intuitively began overlapping and juxtaposing screen printed words an images.

Plant based dyed papers were a final detail to complete the binding. This book TEND is a

reminder that when we care for our garden we are nourished, tending the earth as it tends us back.


Toned Cyanotype/ Silkscreen
White Drought
This is a symbol for me of the drought we have been experiencing in Arizona. I photographed a house boat on the side of the road in Northern Arizona. The bleak landscape spoke of little rain and the sidelined houseboat headed for Lake Powell represents an experience that may be a thing of our past as water levels continue to drop. In this image clouds build up to form the tension of potential monsoon rains, we ultimately know water in the desert is finite and a dwindling resource.

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