Julia Morrisroe

Julia Morrisroe is an artist working with a range of materials who collaborates with the community to create work that is sustainable and engages a community’s sense of place.
About Julia Morrisroe

My working process for Public Art projects includes meeting with local residents to develop a visual vocabulary
that reflects the community. The mural I’ve just completed at the University of Florida combines two
areas of convergence on campus which is an area of wetlands and a translational research building
which focuses on using big data to drive more informed decision making about our natural resources.
The first part of the mural was designed for the pedestrian and bike path users, the second part of the
mural will be for the vehicular traffic. Each design reflects the publics engagement with the space. For
example, there is greater detail on the pedestrian path side and larger simpler shapes will be used for
the vehicular side.

A Parallel Place

A Parallel Place: Ode to Foucault
Mural on two reflecting ponds at City Hall, Gainesville, FL
30 x 63’, 32’ x 60’, and bridge walkway
Rubber pain on cement pool floor

Currents of Data

Currents of Data, Water Tank Mural
2017 – University of Florida
120 ft x 30 ft. Latex on cement

Simultaneity Series
Simultaneity Series Jacksonville International Airport Public Art Commission Two Polycarbonate Panels and acrylic paint, reverse painted murals Concourse A

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