Katie Cooper

Paintings, drawings, wall installations. Works on handmade paper and on canvas.
About Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper earned her BA in Colorado and her MFA at the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has shown nationwide, most recently in the Arizona Biennial 2023, and received several grants and residencies. Cooper has maintained a studio in Tucson since 1990.

"I create paintings, drawings, and wall installations that explore an unseen reality behind the physical one. Using watercolor and ink on paper I make from shredded trash, I paint abstraction, physics illustrations, images of animals, and various other signs and symbols in small works. These are both self-contained pieces and elements of large wall installations made up of dozens, or even hundreds of such papers, some painted, some not, pinned to panels on a wall. My acrylic and oil paintings on canvas are more conventional, influenced by physical journeys I’ve made."

Katie Cooper
Preferred Pronouns: she, her
"Alternate Physics" wall installation
Alternate Physics

6 foot x 11 foot wall installation, on view through April in Studio 7. Handmade papers, watercolor, India ink, gold embroidery thread, pins, on foamboard panels.

Untitled Paper 14
Untitled Paper 14

9.5″ x 9.5″ watercolor and ink on handmade paper. Available for purchase. An example of the small paintings that often become parts of wall installations.

Origin Road
Origin Road
20"x16" oil and acrylic on canvas. Available for purchase. From the Road series of paintings.

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