Lindee and Lisa

We are artists, organizers, and teachers focused on fostering connection and facilitating a sense of community through the arts. Working with natural materials, our work includes large scale murals and adobe sculpture.
About Lindee and Lisa

Lisa and Lindee are artists and educators focusing on work with community and through earth based materials, we aim to promote intersectionality and provide space for creativity and healing throughout the project process. We are working in mediums including earthen sculpture (made from adobe bricks and earthen plasters), murals, frescos, and ceramic works. We have facilitated community projects to foster creativity and connection with students of all ages around the world.

Lindee Zimmer & Lisa Rooney
Preferred Pronouns: she/her/they
Building an adobe play structure for a pre-school outside of Marrakesh, Morocco.
Adobe Playhouse

During a residency at The Mandala School in Sidi Bouzgia, a village just outside of Marrakesh, Morocco, we facilitated and built a an adobe play structure with and for the children of the pre-school. The intention behind this work surrounds connection to land and community; to create a safe space and sense of belonging; a place for imagination and wonder.

April, 2022.

Fresco with The Canelo Project

During a residency at The Canelo Project, we facilitated a collaborative fresco painting with 15+ participants during a workshop focused on earthen plasters and reliefs.

October, 2022.

Art Program and Bio-construction workshops at Sol Y Verde
Sol Y Verde
During early construction stages of Sol Y Verde - a rural grassroots ecological project and permaculture school - we facilitated an art program and bioconstruction workshops. Located in Peten, Guatemala, the organization serves women, children, migrants, and others affected by eco-political tensions.

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